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Litter Collection


We are partnering with cities and houseless communities to clean up litter in downtowns while paying informal waste workers - individuals who make an income by collecting bottles and cans - $20/hour

Why this makes sense?

This initiative is a win-win on many fronts



We are collecting thousands of tons of trash that would otherwise be left on the street

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We are helping local economies by cleaning their downtown and creating low-barrier jobs


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Social Justice

We are providing informal waste workers -individuals experiencing high levels of income and housing insecurity - livable pay for their basic needs

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Informal waste workers are crucial to a zero-waste economy, yet marginalized - we're fostering a friendly, peer-led workers' community

How does it all work?


We consider ourselves a peer-led initiative - individuals who identify as canners, scrappers, or waste pickers organize and lead this initiative. We emphasize that we are inclusive to any background or experience level, prioritizing work for those facing income and housing insecurity. 

With the city's support, individuals go out in coordinated cleanup shifts to pick up trash in neighborhoods across the city we are working in. Individuals are paid for the number of hours that they work. 

At each location, we have a lead coordinator - who is directly part of the waste worker community - to help organize and lead other workers.

Interested in getting involved?

We are looking to partner with cities in the SF Bay Area and waste workers interested in collecting litter in neighborhoods

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