Microgrid Program

We are facilitating the adoption of microgrids - distributed green energy assets such as EV Buses, solar, and batteries - in school districts


Why microgrids?

Microgrids provide benefits beyond reducing CO2 emissions



Schools are integral to any community - making them carbon neutral through microgrids significantly reduces the CO2 footprint


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A microgrid at your school can provide hands-on educational opportunities for your students to learn about distributed energy resources

Cost Savings


Renewable assets offer significant cost benefits to schools' electricity bills (e.g. energy-to-the-grid, peak shaving, etc.) 

Grid Resliency

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Power outages are becoming more frequent due to climate change - microgrids allow schools to dispatch electricity during outages

State and nationwide mandates make it imperative for schools to transition to clean technology in the next few years


Government Legislation



A microgrid at your school shows students and other community stakeholders your school's strong commitment to environmental sustainability

Why use ZeroCarbon?

Through our strong partner network, we can provide financial analysis and a full report to help your school determine if it would make sense to install a microgrid at your school.
We can also connect you with our ecosystem of schools for references. From there, once you've determined it makes sense for your school to invest in a microgrid, we can connect you with the right vendors to help with installing the infrastructure.  

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School Chapters


Interested in starting a chapter at your school?

We would love to start a chapter at your school. 
At each of our partner schools, we have a student leader that interfaces with the administration of the school.

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